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STS Classes

Most students will take one of approximately 50 courses offered, normally during or after the sophomore year, after social and natural science classes in "Foundations" section of the undergraduate core curriculum. Engineering and selected natural science majors may fulfill this by taking a special Critical Thinking and Writing course with STS elements.

Arts & Sciences

4 Vanished Peoples and Lost Civilizations 5 Popular Culture & Bioanthropology
132 Paleoanthropology 133 Human Nutrition & Culture
135 Human Development & Sexuality 140 Food, Culture & Environment
147 The Archaeology of Complex Societies
109 Genetics & Society 135 Biofuels: Sustainable Energy for the Future?
142 Natural History of California 144 Baja Natural History
159 Plagues in the Age of Insects 171 Social & Ethical Dimensions of Biotechnology
12 Technology & Communication 149B Science News
164A Race, Gender and Public Health
Computer Science
10 Introduction to Computer Science
138 Internet Culture in the Information Society
Environmental Studies
2 Energy & the Environment 10 The Joy of Garbage
80 Energy and the 115 GIS in Environmental Studies
135 Biofuels: Sustainable Energy for the Future? 144 Baja Natural History
145 Environmental Technology 153 Conservation Science
123 History of Plagues, Epidemics, and Infections 125 History of the Senses
Liberal Studies
75 Educational Reform in America
115 Thinking About Music Now
80 Science, Technology & Society 140 Philosophy of Science
Prenatal Humans, Science, and Social Values Neuroscience, Values and the Law
5 The Science of Star Trek 8 Intro to Space Sciences
50 Ways of Knowing 158 Conservation Psychology
Neuroscience, Values, and the Law
Public Health Science
1 Human Health & Disease 28 Human Sexuality
100 Introduction to Epidemiology 120 Technology, Innovation & Public Health
49 Computers, Internet and Society 120 Quantitative Methods and Applied Statistics
149 Business, Technology, and Society


134 Accounting Information Systems
177 Managing with the Internet
Operations Management & Information Systems
34 Information Technology, Business and Society 80 The World Food System


60 Sustainable Electric Energy for the 21st Century 160 Nanotechnology and Society
Mechanical Engineering
141 Mechanical Vibrations  144 Smart Product Design

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