Santa Clara University


Focusing Resources for Excellence

We will develop the resources necessary for educational excellence and focus them more sharply on advancing the University's vision, mission, and values.

Successful implementation of the Strategic Plan depends largely on our ability to align our programs, performance, and resources with our vision, mission, and values. Such alignment requires that we integrate the planning and management of all University resources within a process that recognizes the interrelationships and interdependence of human resources, technology and information resources, the physical environment, and financial resources.

To ensure that we use our resources to best advantage, we must implement processes for the ongoing improvement of what we do. We need to be explicit about our goals, evaluate performance in accordance with them, and use that evaluation as a basis for concentrating our resources on whatever best advances our vision, mission, and values.

Strategic challenges:

3.A. How can Santa Clara enhance the quality of its human resources and their effectiveness in carrying out its mission?


  • Reward departments, teams, and individuals who take a leadership role in formulating and nurturing the intellectual collaboration necessary for creating a community of scholars and providing an integrated education. [3.A.1.]
  • Reward departments, teams, and individuals who enhance performance, increase productivity, and improve service quality to advance the mission and vision of the University. [3.A.2.]
  • Provide professional development programs that will effect strategic change, increase productivity, improve service quality, and deepen understanding of the University's vision, mission, and values. [3.A.3.]
  • Implement a comprehensive compensation strategy that is affordable within the University's resources, addresses the problem of housing costs, and is sufficiently competitive to attract and retain excellent faculty and staff. [3.A.4.]

3.B. How can Santa Clara create a physical environment that stimulates academic excellence, promotes integrated education and a community of scholars, and exhibits sensitivity to the ecology and historical heritage of the campus?


  • Update and implement the Campus Master Plan. [3.B.1.]
  • Complete the major facilities projects identified in the current five-year campus improvement program of the Campus Master Plan. [3.B.2.]
  • Plan for additional major facilities projects beyond the current five-year campus improvement program to support academic excellence. [3.B.3.]
  • Expand the comprehensive capital renewal program to include technology and campus utilities infrastructure. [3.B.4.]

3.C. How can Santa Clara optimize its investment in technology and information resources?


  • Update and implement the campus Technology Plan. [3.C.1.]
  • Offer training and instruction in the use of technology and information resources to improve education, productivity, and service quality. [3.C.2.]
  • Develop strategic alliances and partnerships to support our efforts to excel in the use of technology and information resources. [3.C.3.]

3.D. How can Santa Clara more effectively generate, manage, and conserve its financial resources to advance its mission and strategic initiatives?


  • Develop and implement a comprehensive financial plan that includes the operating budget, a capital budget, management of the endowment, management of debt and cash flows, procurement of gifts and grants, and generation of new revenue streams consistent with the strategic direction of the University. [3.D.1.]
  • Improve fundraising performance to such a level that Santa Clara will rank consistently among the top three comprehensive universities in the country as measured by total gifts and alumni participation rates. [3.D.2.]
  • Manage expenses to support the strategic direction of the University, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and reallocating funds where appropriate. [3.D.3.]
  • Refine our tuition and financial aid strategy to reflect our market position and distinctive values, enabling us to recruit and retain the students we seek while being sensitive to the financial burdens of students and their families. [3.D.4.]

3.E. How can Santa Clara align its programs, resources, and messages more closely with its vision, mission and values?


  • Initiate program review to promote overall quality and consistency with the vision, mission, and values of the University. [3.E.1.]
  • Allocate resources to ensure that they advance the mission and strategic direction of the University. [3.E.2.]
  • Assess learning outcomes and use performance indicators to improve educational quality and administrative effectiveness. [3.E.3.]
  • Create and implement a coordinated University-wide marketing program that effectively presents our core messages and competitive advantages to those whose awareness, advocacy, and support of Santa Clara provide opportunities for continuing excellence. [3.E.4.]