Santa Clara University


Appendix A

Statement of Purpose

Inspired by the love of God to serve society through education, continuing the commitment of the Franciscans who founded Mission Santa Clara in 1777 and the Jesuits who opened the College in 1851, Santa Clara University declares its purpose to be the education of the whole person within the Catholic and Jesuit tradition.

The University is thus dedicated to

  • the preparation of students to assume leadership roles in society through an education that stresses moral and spiritual as well as intellectual and aesthetic values, seeks to answer not only "what is" but "what should be," and encourages faith and the promotion of justice;
  • an uncompromising standard of academic excellence and an unwavering commitment to academic freedom, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression in the search for truth;
  • rigorous and imaginative scholarship; excellent teaching in and out of the classroom; and educational programs designed to provide breadth and depth, to encourage the integration of different forms of knowledge, and to stimulate not only the acquisition but also the creative and humane use of knowledge;
  • affirmation of its Catholic identity, respect for other religious and philosophical traditions, promotion of dialogue between faith and contemporary culture, opposition to narrow indoctrination or proselytizing, and the opportunity for worship and the deepening of religious belief;
  • a community enriched by men and women of diverse backgrounds, respectful of difference and enlivened by open dialogue, caring and just toward others, and committed to broad participation in achieving the common good.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 22, 1993