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The Mission of Santa Clara as a Catholic Jesuit University in a Globalizing World

Drafted by Mark Ravizza, S.J.

I have been asked to reflect on “the mission of Santa Clara as a Catholic, Jesuit university in a globalizing world.” To begin, let me place SCU in a global context. If our world were proportionately reduced to a village of one hundred people, eighty people would live in poverty; seven would own a computer; only one would have a university degree. Six people would control 59% of the community’s wealth; and all six would be U.S. citizens. If you keep your food in the fridge, your clothes in a closet, have a roof over your head and sleep in a bed, you are wealthier than seventy-five percent of the world’s population. Such reality is sobering. Yet, if we want to reflect accurately on “our mission in a globalizing world,” we must appreciate that, at Santa Clara, we are among the richest and most privileged human beings on the face of the earth.

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