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Priority Four: Justice and Sustainability

Priority Four: Justice and Sustainability

Our integration of social justice, as a priority of the Society of Jesus, into our teaching, research, and community engagement has established Santa Clara as a leader in American higher education. More recently, Santa Clara has drawn national attention for our commitment to sustainability, including the promotion of environmental stewardship in our campus operations. Santa Clara can distinguish itself further by advancing academic and public understanding of the ways in which social justice and sustainability, broadly defined, intersect. As a Jesuit university in Silicon Valley, we are in an excellent position to illustrate the connections among a healthy environment, just societies, and a vibrant economy that meet all people’s fundamental needs, especially those of the global poor.

Santa Clara’s focus on advancing understanding of a just sustainability should inspire a broad and enlivening range of activities and perspectives. We understand sustainability as involving three components: environmental protection, economic development, and social development. Questions of sustainability and justice are not the province of a single discipline, or point of view, but can be illuminated by all fields and perspectives. The co-curriculum also offers many opportunities to integrate these questions into students’ lives.

To advance justice and sustainability, we will:

  1. Increase and enhance curricular and co-curricular learning specific to sustainability and justice.
  2. Develop a distinctive and substantial research focus on justice and sustainability.
  3. Model how a Jesuit university can contribute to sustainability and justice through its service, operations, and outreach.