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Strategic Plan 2011
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Priority Three: Global Understanding and Engagement

Priority Three: Global Understanding and Engagement

A 21st century education requires global understanding—an understanding that leads to action and engagement. Santa Clara will extend its ties with others around the world to offer our students a deeper understanding of the global context of their lives and work. Through our existing study abroad and immersion programs, our academic curriculum, our membership in the global network of Jesuit universities, and our Silicon Valley location and its global reach, we are well-equipped to promote understanding of global issues and prepare students to use their knowledge and skills to help address these issues.

To foster global understanding and engagement, we will:

  1. Enhance and expand global learning opportunities here and abroad, including those resulting from our relationships with Silicon Valley–based international corporations and organizations.
  2. Attract more international students and visiting scholars.
  3. Build partnerships with universities in the international network of Jesuit universities and other targeted institutions.