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Strategic Plan 2011
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Priority One: Excellence in Jesuit Education

Priority One: Excellence in Jesuit Education

A Santa Clara education is distinguished by its attention to the formation of the whole person—one who has the knowledge and skills to act effectively (competence), the determination to reason morally (conscience), and the capacity to feel solidarity with the poor and powerless as well as the will to relieve suffering(compassion).

Cultivating these qualities, which are inseparable in a well-educated person, requires us to pursue an ever more integrated approach to Jesuit education. Such an education includes opportunities to acquire breadth and depth of knowledge, use that knowledge for the common good, and deepen a faith that does justice through spiritual development, interreligious dialogue, and creative engagement with culture and society.

To enhance excellence in Jesuit education, we will:

  1. Foster the development and integration of competence, conscience, and compassion.
  2. Ensure successful implementation of the undergraduate Core Curriculum.
  3. Establish the University as a national and international leader in theological study and service to the wider Catholic community.
  4. Advance the University’s mission and identity as a Jesuit, Catholic university.
  5. Increase our standing in American higher education as an example of excellence in Jesuit education.