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Priority Two: Engagement with Silicon Valley

Priority Two: Engagement with Silicon Valley

There are many reasons why people from all over the world choose to work, study, and live in the Silicon Valley—its spirit of technological and scientific innovation, entrepreneurialism, cultural diversity, and natural beauty to name a few. Silicon Valley is more than a location; it is a state of mind characterized by an innovative and imaginative approach to creating new opportunities in our globalizing world.

By strengthening ties with our surrounding communities and our local alumni network, the University can offer students, faculty, and staff opportunities to think in new ways, and to learn from and contribute to both the leading institutions that make Silicon Valley attractive, and to the most marginalized groups in Silicon Valley that call out for help.

While learning from Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation, Santa Clara University can also play an important role in raising the moral and ethical questions that inevitably arise with the creation and use of new technologies.

To promote engagement with Silicon Valley, we will:

  1. Increase learning, service, and research opportunities with Silicon Valley corporations, institutions, and communities.
  2. Strengthen distinctive academic niches, particularly at the graduate level, that will address the needs of Silicon Valley, both locally and in its global outreach.
  3. Promote Jesuit values in ways that enhance the humanity and common good of the Silicon Valley community.
  4. Partner with Silicon Valley companies to enhance student learning, provide state-of-the-art delivery of course content, and improve the University’s administrative functions through technology.