Santa Clara University

Strategic Plan 2011


Note: This initial set of objectives will be refined as the priorities of the Strategic Plan lead to more specific objectives.

  • iconPriority 1: Excellence in Jesuit Education

    A Santa Clara education continues to be distinguished by its attention to the formation of the whole person and educate leaders of competence, conscience and compassion.
  • iconPriority 2: Engagement with Silicon Valley

    SCU provides students, faculty, and alumni opportunities to become immersed in the rich cultural diversity and entrepreneurship and innovation – characteristics of the Silicon Valley.
  • iconPriority 3: Global Understanding and Engagement

    Santa Clara offers its students a 21st-century education that provides an understanding of global complexities coupled with opportunities for action and engagement.
  • iconPriority 4: Justice and Sustainability

    Through teaching, research, and community engagement, SCU advances the knowledge and understanding of the ways in which social justice and sustainability intersect.
  • iconPriority 5: Academic Community

    Santa Clara continues to strengthen the quality and diversity of SCU’s faculty, staff, and students while providing the resources and facilities necessary to support advanced teaching and scholarship.
Honing problem-solving skills in the lab
Andrew Vu
Andrew Vu

Thinking and solving problems like a scientist are major talents honed by this chemistry major.

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