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St. Clare Garden

Features of a Sustainable Garden

  • Designed, managed and maintained as an interdependent living system
  • Uses plants and features appropriate to the natural environment and climate 
  • Minimizes inputs and outputs (fertilizers, water, green waste, replacement plants) 
  • Creates an inherently stable living system (a climax plant community) 
  • Incorporates a great diversity of plants (perennials, shrubs, vines, bulbs, annuals) to provide year-round color and homes for beneficial insects
  • Includes edible plants and fruit trees in the design
  • Features plant varieties that will not quickly outgrow allotted space and require year-round pruning
  • Replaces large lawns with hardscape or drought-tolerant groundcover plants to reduce use of water

Buckeye Butterfly by Edward Rooks

Buckeye Butterfly 
© 2005 Edward Rooks, a nature artist who occasionally teaches art at Santa Clara University.

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