Santa Clara University

Sponsored Projects
I. Proposals that go through the Sponsored Projects Office

The Sponsored Projects Office of the University assists faculty members in preparing grant proposals to government agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts and to some private funding sources when the request involves any of the following elements:

  • It commits the University to a specific plan of research or scholarly activity.
  • It makes a specific commitment regarding the level of personnel effort, salaries, items of output, or achievement of specific performance targets.
  • It requires both adherence to a line-item budget and either a detailed fiscal report or an external audit of the project.
  • It requires that any unexpended funds be returned to the sponsor at the end of the project period.
  • It provides for the disposition of either tangible property (e.g., equipment, records, or technical reports) or intangible property (e.g., patents or copyrights) that may result from the activity.

The Sponsored Projects Office publicizes opportunities for funding and works with faculty members to develop and report on grants.  Before developing a proposal to this type of funder, you should contact the Sponsored Projects Office to discuss your plan, and they will assist you as needed.  If the funder you want to approach actually is considered a private funder, the SPO will direct you to the appropriate staff member in the Development Office. Written and electronic proposal submissions of this type must be processed through the Sponsored Projects Office. Linda Campbell of the SPO is prepared to assist you with the preparation of these requests, and the proposal must be handled using the normal routing process, which includes a signature from the Dean and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. The Development Office and the Sponsored Projects Office work in partnership to account for all awards in support of campaign priorities.  Awards counted toward campaign goals must first be determined in compliance with accepted reporting standards.

II. Proposals to Private Sector Sources - Foundations, Corporate Foundations, Corporate Giving Programs

The University's Development Office manages the processes involved in requesting gifts from private foundations, corporate foundations, and corporate giving programs. The management of these Development programs takes into consideration the long-range strategic priorities of the University. For the next few years, these priorities are the campaign fund raising priorities: student scholarships, faculty excellence, centers of distinction, information and learning technology, and an improved learning environment. Because these funding organizations expect a coordinated approach from applicants (which they define as Santa Clara University), and because Schools, the College, and the Centers are all entitled to seek funds from private sources, it is critical that all plans for developing proposals be discussed first with the appropriate Development officer.  He or she will know if anyone else in the University is approaching a given funder.  The Development officer will also be able to assist you in evaluating whether the foundation or corporation you have selected is the best prospect for your project and also may be able to help develop the proposal. In order to assure that the request also fits within established University priorities, you must obtain the Dean's or Center Director's approval before proceeding to develop a proposal. In the Development Office, Margaret McCarthy, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations (554 - 4005,, coordinates requests to corporations, corporate foundations, corporate giving programs, private and family foundations. If you do not know which category applies to your request-sponsored project, or private foundation or corporation-either Linda Campbell or Margaret McCarthy can assist you with this determination.  They are prepared to work together to find the best approach to enable your goals to be met.

III. Proposals to Individuals

Individuals (alumni, parents, friends) also expect a coordinated approach from Santa Clara University. As many of you know, our donors have multiple interests within the University.  To ensure a coordinated approach, requests to individuals must be coordinated with the Development Office.  Development officers have been assigned to specific areas of the University to facilitate this process.  They are prepared to work with you to find the best approach to achieve your fund raising goals Other questions or inquiries can be directed to Nancy Trish Calderon, Assistant Vice President for Development, at 554-2397 or