Santa Clara University


Fact Sheet


  • All SPO grants will have an accounting string which will be given at the start of the grant in your Award Notice.This grant accounting string is important because it's needed when charging all expenditures to your grant.
    The accounting string must have the following:
  • Acct FundDeptIDProgramActivityClassProject/Grant
  • Acct – Account number (Ex: 6810= Travel account).Please refer to the chart of accounts.
  • Fund – always equal to 13001 for SPO grant
  • Dept ID – Department name (Ex: JST = JSTGRD)

  • Program : examples
  • RSCH = Research
  • PS = Public Service
  • IN = Instruction
  • ASLIB = Academic Support Libraries
  • Activity – (Optional) Describes expense at detail level.SPO rarely uses.
  • Class – (Optional) SPO rarely uses
  • Project/Grant – used to identify grant (Ex: HLF001 = Henry Luce Foundation) **This is the most important field for SPO Grant**
  • All expenditures on SPO grants MUST be approved (signed-off) by the Principal Investigator (PI) or delegated authorized signer ,and SPO.

    • Types of Expenditures
      • Payment Request Forms – used for external vendors and students

        • Cash Reimbursement for students and SCU employees only - <= $250
        • Quick Vouchers
  • CONCUR – all reimbursements for SCU employees (faculty and staff) must be submitted through CONCUR.Purchasing Card application
  • Travel – when traveling using SPO grant funds please complete a Business Expense Form.This form must be used for any faculty and staff who are working on the grant.

    Please fill out and scan this form along with the required receipts when using CONCUR.

    • Student Participant Stipend- the University may pay a student a stipend rather than an hourly wage if the student meets the legally defined criteria for a stipend as defined by IRS regulations identified in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 117.The University must determine if the position renders a service to the University or is an extracurricular activity that provides a benefit to a group other than the University.

    • Course Release - is when a faculty member is permitted to have a reduced teaching load under their normal academic year appointment. In other words, the person is "released" from part of their teaching obligation while still being paid their regular full time salary.

    • Faculty Summer Salary – many grants (if budgeted) allow faculty to pay themselves a summer salary while they are actively pursuing research in the summer months, essentially filling out the remaining 3 months of their salary that is not contracted through their employing institution with grant funds.

    • Staff Personnel Requisition – used to hire a fixed-term staff on a grant before sending to HR.For the approval process please refer to the "Fixed Term Staff Appointments in SPO" flow chart.

    • Tuition Remission – used for processing financial aid for students on grant if budgeted.Note, must have PI and school's Dean's signature in order for SPO to approve.Tuition will be charged to department first, SPO will then use form to transfer funds from department to

    • SPO Expense Transfers – used to transfer cost and expenditures to/from department and grant.

    • Independent Contractors – use SCU process and guidelines to determine qualifications.If vendor is a non-profit agency (e.g. Religious Order) an Independent Contractor form is not required.

    • Expenditures cannot exceed budget.Any over-expenditure will be charged to department/school at the close of grant.

    • Travel Requirements on SPO Grant

    • All receipts must be kept and submitted for reimbursement, no matter the amount.Unless per diem is requested.

    • Must keep boarding passes to and from destination.

    • Use the university approved (federal) mileage rate when traveling by vehicle.

    • Domestic travel – per diem is $50 per day (not required to keep receipts for meals)

    • International travel – must use federal government per diem rate by country.

    • Must use US Flag Air Carriers for federal grants when traveling internationally.
  • Time and Effort Reporting – is required to comply with SCU policy, this form must be completed at the end of each month and summer session for each Principal Investigator, faculty member, and staff (exempt only) devoting time to externally SPO grants.
  • Submit form through campus mail or email to SPO on a monthly basis.
  • Effort on the grant is based on a percentage out of 100%, except in the summer months for faculty (9-month contract).
  • Department Head - Dean or Chair must approve this report.
  • 2 signatures are required.