Santa Clara University

Sponsored Projects

Policies and Procedures

The Sponsored Projects Office has several polices and procedures specifically for externally funded projects.  

Sponsored Projects Policies       

PI Eligibility

For each sponsored project, one investigator is typically designated as the Principal Investigator. The Principal Investigator has absolute responsibility for the overall conduct of the sponsored project including all financial, administrative and compliance aspects of the project. Other individuals with significant involvement may be listed as Co-Principal Investigator. Complete guidelines for Principal and Co-Principal Investigators eligibility are available.

Conflict of Interest

Any Santa Clara University faculty or staff member who is funded by or is responsible for the design, conduct, reporting or approval of any externally sponsored project is required to disclose all known Significant Financial Interests and those of his or her family members that would reasonably appear to be affected by the project.  A complete description of the Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest for Externally Sponsored Projects, associated procedures, and the financial disclosure form (link to form on forms page) are available.

Faculty Salaries

For sponsored projects, faculty salaries will be determined following standard policies for most federal awards unless 1) sponsor terms and condition restrict salary levels, 2) a funding limit imposed by the sponsor results in the need to use quarterly part time rates for course releases, or 3) an exception is approved by the Associate Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs.

For summer salary, faculty salaries will be calculated as 1/9 of the annual salary and mandated benefits for each month of summer salary unless otherwise limited by the terms and conditions of a sponsor.

During the academic year, one course release will be calculated as 10% of the annual salary and full benefits unless otherwise limited by the terms and conditions of a sponsor.  One course release is based on a standard quarter course of 5 units.  The salary equivalent for a release for a semester, course of less than 5 units or more than 5 units would be determined by multiplying 10% of the annual salary and benefits by an appropriate factor (1.5 for a semester course, 0.6 for a 3-unit course, 0.4 for a 2-unit course, and 0.2 for a 1 unit course). {Note: In the College, one standard course is typically 4 or 5 units.}

University Research Policies

Santa Clara University is committed to the responsible conduct of research and has established policies and procedures to ensure responsible conduct.

Responsible Conduct in Research (PDF)

Misconduct in Research (PDF)

Financial Policies and Procedures

Cost accounting and financial compliance for sponsored projects at Santa Clara University is dictated by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 220, Cost Principles for Educational Institutions; Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations; CFR, Part  215, Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and other Non-Profit Organizations; and other specific sponsor requirements and regulations. Ensuring compliance with the financial terms and conditions of the sponsored award including compliance with federal and agency regulations and requirements is the responsibility of both the Principal Investigator and the Sponsored Projects Office. The intent of the our written policies and procedures are to assist in incorporating the requirements of CFR Part 220 and other federal regulations into the accounting and administration of sponsored awards at the University. The complete written policies and procedures are available here.