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Sponsored Projects


Policies, procedures and forms for faculty and staff regarding proposal application for funding, grants, awards etc.

SPO Forms

The necessary forms and information needed to process proposals can be found here:

Proposal Routing (WORD)

Conflict of Interest
Policies, procedures and educational materials for faculty and students regarding potential conflict of interest related to research.

Researcher Agreement (PDF)

Non disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Disclosure Forms, policies and procedures


The Office of Research Compliance and Integrity is in charge of matters of compliance with regards to research grants and studies.  This means that any research topics that may involve matters of ethics, human subjects, animal care and use, biohazards, radiological hazards, environmental risks, export controls, conflict of interests, and/or research misconduct must be dealt with through the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity and their respective guidelines.

Please visit the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity website for more information, guidelines and the appropriate forms for your project.


Student Employment

Forms and information regarding student employment can be found at the Career Center.

Business Travel

Forms, policies, procedures for business travel and reimbursement including travel funded through sponsored projects or grants please follow this link.

Invention Disclosure

Invention and Patent discussion and forms.