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Jack Bird Awarded Nobili Medal

Wednesday, Jun. 18, 2014

Established in 1876 by Joseph A. Donohoe in honor of John Nobili, S.J., founder of Santa Clara University, the Nobili Medal is given to the male graduate for his constructive contribution to the University as deemed by the faculty and the provost. Jack Bird won the historic award for outstanding academic performance, personal character, and student activities.

The most defining of those activities was the Global Social Benefit Fellowship.

“The Fellowship has truly been the most inspirational and stimulating experience I have had at Santa Clara University” remarked Jack.

 “My time in rural Zambia allowed me to synthesize what I had learned in the classroom with real world issues and gave me a chance to actualize my passions in service to humanity. The Fellowship has shaped my vocational perspective in ways that I never imagined were possible.

Jack worked alongside fellow Santa Clara students Lynsey Cumberford and Laura Ruggles at the Jesuit Chikuni mission, four hours south of Lusaka, Zambia. The Fellows conducted action research projects to evaluate and further develop Chikuni mission’s agroforestry and energy education program.

The three also worked with GSBI® trained social enterprise Lifeline Energy, which enhances the education of rural Zambians through the Lifeplayer, an interactive radio.


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