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Fresh Faces Get Hands Dirty

Monday, Mar. 24, 2014

Please join me in welcoming our third cohort of student fellows!

 Our GSBI social enterprise partners are a tremendous educational resource for Santa Clara University.

The Global Social Benefit Fellowship places student teams with GSBI enterprises to conduct action research. They will conduct research in Mexico, Uganda, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, investigating the social impact and operational improvements with our enterprise partners.

These 15 undergraduates are from 8 majors, with multiple fellows from political science, economics, sociology, and public health sciences. Among these are 3 honors students and 4 first generation college students. 
We give them a crash course in social entrepreneurship this spring, and then send them to the field for 7 weeks between June and August. They will participate in GSBI-Accelerator during the in-residence program this August, and then write up their research.
We don’t expect these fellows to become social entrepreneurs, but we are convinced that they will learn how to apply entrepreneurial solutions to society’s greatest challenges. Ultimately, they will learn from our partners about transformative leadership and a personal vision for positive social change.
Social entrepreneurship may be a new field, but we believe it has the potential to inspire a new generation of leaders, which is what Jesuit education has been about for 500 years. Look for these students to -- in the words of St. Ignatius -- light the world on fire!

Keith  Douglass Warner OFM
Director of Education and Action Research

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