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Re-designing Gift Giving

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012

On Monday February 6th, 16 engineering students gathered in the new Frugal Lab for design challenge co-hosted by the Frugal Innovation Lab and Engineers Without Borders

Their challenge: to redesign the gift giving experience for their partner. The students were guided through an introduction to the design thinking process by a fast-paced, self-contained video produced by the Stanford

The goal: make the lives of the people they’re designing for better. The process emphasizes prototyping, sharing unfinished products, and iterative interviewing skills to best learn how to empathize with the person for whom you design. Design thinking draws on methods from engineering and design, and combines them with the arts, the social sciences, and the business world.

The students in attendance are all working on projects to benefit society. Some do this through their senior design work or through their extracurricular participation with the Engineers Without Borders.

While the challenge of redesigning the gift giving experience was rather abstract, in the discussion following the activity students commented on the elements of design thinking process such as interviewing and collecting feedback early and often, that are pertinent for their current projects as well as to their mindfulness as designers.

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