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GSBI Alumni Research Request!

Friday, Feb. 10, 2012

We are passing along this request from Angelique Smit of Ideas at work, an alumna of the GSBI 2007 who is working on clean water in Cambodia. She is researching social enterprise valuation for her MBA thesis and needs your help! 

Dear fellow GBSI’ers

I am working on my last phase of my MBA and I have asked myself the question "How to valuate a social enterprise"?

  • Should that only be the financial value?
  • or does social/environmental value creation also have a value?
  • And if so, how to put an US$ amount on it?
  • and how is that used in the total value on such an enterprise?

This all more from a social entrepreneurs point of view than an investors point of view.

I am looking for people/groups that have opinions about this and are willing to share, preferably people that have bought/sold social companies. Halfway my field-research, I have found that this is a very new topic and that my questions give lively discussion but no clear direction yet. Therefore I hope you can help me. I have an interview guideline questionnaire and use skype.


Angelique Smit, GBSI alumni 2007
Ideas at Work Cambodia
skype: angeliquezzz

More about Ideas at Work:

In Cambodia's rural area only 5% of the almost 1 million open wells have a pump attached: our target market is the other 95% which are people mostly living at the bottom of the pyramid. IaW believes in sharing the experience of implementing ideas and innovations at the same time providing jobs for disadvantaged Cambodians. Profits are invested back into the organization and 25% goes towards improving the situation in orphanages.

ideas at work


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