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Four GSBI alums named to Global Journal Top 100 Best NGOs

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012
The Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBITM) at Santa Clara University was founded in 2003 with a vision to work with social entrepreneurs to help them build and scale sustainable organizations that solve problems for people living in poverty.  In the last nine years, 138 organizations have participated in the GSBI.  Of these, 90% are still in existence, 50% are growing, and collectively they have positively impacted over 74 million people.
Last week four GSBI alums, Digital Divide Data (GSBI ’04), Gram Vikas (GSBI ’04), International Development Enterprise – India (GSBI ’06), and Rishi Valley Institue for Educational Resources (GSBI '08) were all recognized by The Global Journal on their Top 100 Best NGOs list.  Everyone here at the GSBI congratulates them!
A biodisel powered tiller. Photo credit: Gram Vikas website
Gram Vikas (GSBI ’04)
Based on the values of inclusion, sustainability, cost-sharing and social and gender equity, Gram Vikas deploys a comprehensive habitat development and governance program that uses common concerns regarding clean water and sanitation as a tool to unite and empower communities, launch development initiatives, and improve village health and quality of life. To date, Gram Vikas serves more than 3 million people, primarily in India.

Foot powered treadle pumps for irrigation. Photo credit: IDE-India
International Development Enterprises (India) is a not-for-profit enterprise committed to providing long-term, market-driven solutions to poverty, hunger and malnutrition. IDE provides low cost drip irrigation solution systems which are deployed and maintained by small farmers.  This generates significant economic and social empowerment by enabling farmers to shift to higher value products. IDE is committed to delivering environmentally safe, affordable and potentially sustainable appropriate technologies to rural communities by blending market and donor supported business models.

Operators in Battambang. Photos © Digital Divide Data / Thushan Amarasiriwardena / Alicia Conway
Digital Divide Data (GSBI ’04)
DDD delivers world-class, competitively priced digitization and IT services to clients across the globe. Staff operators are recruited from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cambodia, Laos and Kenya. DDD training provides jobs, education, and marketable skills to help them overcome poverty and achieve upward mobility. With a self-sustaining non-profit model that re-invests revenues back into the company, Digital Divide Data has a significant impact – ‘graduates’ go on to earn more than four times the average regional wage, while the organization is currently the largest technology employer in Cambodia and Laos.  

Reading class, Rishi Valley School, Andhra Pradesh All © Mark Edwards/Still Pictures
RIVER has developed a multi-grade, multi-level (MGML) methodology in primary education for under privileged children in rural India. Its flexible, open source initiatives permit teachers to collaborate in designing educational programs that meet their particular needs, with emphasis on activity based learning. The model currently benefits children and teachers in over 65,000 primary schools. 

In addition to congratulating our GSBI Alumni, there are also several past laureates of The Tech Awards:
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