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Clean Water for Nicaragua - Student Series 7

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

This was our last day in the community of Sabana Grande and it was time to say goodbye to our host families. We caught the 7:45am bus in Ocotal and began our 4 hour ride back to Managua to meet with the professor from the University Of Central America (UCA).  Our team has been corresponding with Professor Mauricio Garcia since the beginning of Fall Quarter in hopes of learning more about the civil engineering side of Nicaragua.  It was nice to finally meet him in person.  He introduced us to another civil engineering lecturer, Jimmy Vanegas Salmeron.  We scheduled the meeting to explain our project and experience in Sabana Grande.  Both were very excited to hear of our intent to design an improvement to their current sanitation system and water resource recovery methods. We asked Jimmy if he had access to any plans and geotechnical data of the project area.  He told us that he would try his best to get any kinds of records for us and that we should email him the coordinates we obtained during our trip.  At the end of the meeting, we exchanged our contact information and gave our thanks.  We returned back to our hotel and got our things ready for our flight back home the next morning. 

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