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JAI - Justice and the Arts Initiative
Jerry Smith Coaching for Life Academy
Santa Clara University's The Jerry Smith Coaching for Life Academy helps to educate and prepare coaches, parents, and players for a greater probability of achieving success in sport, and in life, through thoughtful preparation and the comprehensive development of mental and life skills.
Jesuit Advantage
Jesuit Community
The Jesuit Community at Santa Clara University, totaling about 45 Jesuits, is made up of priests, a scholastic (seminarian), and a brother. Most Jesuits are engaged in ministry at the university either as teachers, administrators, staff, or in campus ministry. Others are graduate students; some are engaged in research as part of a sabbatical year; and a few serve the internal needs of the Jesuit community or are retired.
Jesuit School of Theology
A graduate school and international center for the study of theology and ministry and member of the Graduate Theological Union located in Berkeley.
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