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Facilities Department
Faculty & Staff
Faculty Collaboration Leads to Pioneering Research
Professors Meir Statman and Hersh Shefrin wrote the first article in a finance journal on behavioral finance more than 20 years ago; Santa Clara brought them together and supported their interdisciplinary work.
Faculty Copyright Resources
Copyright and the electronic reserve system.
Faculty Development Program
Faculty Experts
We maintain an extensive list of faculty who can authoritatively answer questions from the media on various topics.
Faculty Handbook
1987 Revision
Faculty Resources
Policies, programs, and services designed to support scholarship and teaching, foster intellectual community, and encourage personal development and work-life balance.
Faculty Senate
The Faculty Senate is established in order to develop and express the opinion of the faculty on academic and professional matters, to make the collective experience and knowledge of the faculty available to the university president, and to facilitate the participation of the faculty in forming the policies of the university.
Family Business Forum Program
The Family Business Forum serves as a critical management tool that helps family businesses throughout Northern California develop strategies and action plans to enhance the performance of their businesses.
Featured Articles
Articles featured on the SCU home page.
Introducing the basics concepts of FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, to students, parents, faculty, academic advisors, and staff at Santa Clara University.
Finance Association
The SCUFA is an organization that enables students to collaborate with each other, creating unity and opportunities in business and in the field of finance.
Finance Department
Through course work that blends theory and practice, the Department of Finance provides students with the background and skills necessary to meet the ever-increasing complexity and demands of today's product and capital markets.
Financial Aid for Graduate Students
Students in Santa Clara's graduate programs are eligible for financial assistance, including departmental grants and scholarships and federal loans.
Financial Aid for JST Students
Students in the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University (JST) are eligible for financial assistance, including scholarships and federal loans.
Financial Aid for Law Students
The School of Law has a dedicated financial aid office to help finance a legal education. Law students are eligible for financial assistance such as federal loans and departmental grants and scholarships.
Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students
Santa Clara University offers diverse financial aid programs to help undergraduates with their college expenses.
Financial Aid Office
Santa Clara's diverse financial aid programs help more than 72 percent of undergraduates with their college expenses.
Food & Agribusiness Institute
The Food & Agribusiness Institute offers an MBA that prepares students for management positions in the food and agricultural industries.
Fundamental Values
The six core values critical for carrying out our mission in pursuit of our vision: academic quality, integrated learning, commitment to students, service to others, community and diversity, and Jesuit distinctiveness.
Future Directions: Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
Cultural competence and understanding play a large role in the Jesuit "way of proceeding." A Santa Clara education calls for respect for cultural traditions of its and consciousness of the marginality of underrepresented groups.
Future Directions: International Education
How will Santa Clara adapt its educational mission to the era of globalization? Michael Kevane addresses the tensions and tradeoffs.
Future Directions: Student Life
Student life embraces a full range of student experiences, in service of developing leaders and challenging students to commit to the community.
Future Directions: Technology
Geoff Bowker, director of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society, discusses the tension between technology for exploration, discovery, and social justice and technology for discipline and control.
Future Directions: The Mission of Santa Clara
Mark Ravizza, S.J., places SCU in a sobering global context to explore the mission of Santa Clara University as a Catholic Jesuit university in a globalizing world.
Future Directions: The Teaching Scholar
An examination of Santa Clara's distinct teaching scholar model for faculty, and the mandate to provide excellent teaching, encourage deep learning, and engage in serious and socially conscious scholarship.
Future Directions: Theology and Culture
Paul Crowley, S.J., discusses how theology and culture can be integrated into the curriculum for all students and, more broadly, into the horizon of the university as a whole.
Future Teachers Project
The Future Teachers Project is a recruiting effort designed to help diversify the teaching profession. Established in 1995, the FTP formally know as EFTP, now has over 60 participants at the university and high school levels.
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