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Dana Wolfe '01

English major
At a glance:

What alumnus, now marketing director at a healthcare company, values most is SCU's commitment to each and every student.

Uncertain and adjusting to college life in his freshman year, Dana Wolfe nearly transferred to another school. But when he considered all that Santa Clara University was doing to support him, he decided to stay. Today, he's certain he made the right choice.

"I turned down admission to another university after carefully examining myself and all that Santa Clara had to offer," Wolfe says. "I considered the individual attention in classes, the new friendships, the academic and personal guidance, and all the extracurricular opportunities, and concluded that if Santa Clara was this committed to me, the average freshman, then there was no place better to invest myself. Three and a half years later, standing in front of my classmates as valedictorian, I thought of that pivotal decision and thanked in my heart all those who gave me reasons to stay."

A marketing director for Paradigm, a healthcare company in the catastrophic care market, Wolfe uses critical thinking and communication skills he gained as an English major at SCU on the job. As an undergraduate, he had a year-long internship with the California Legacy Project, helping to produce texts such as November Grass by Judty Van der Veer and Fool's Paradise: A Carey McWilliams Reader.

It was the second year of the project. The experience "gave me great insight into publishing and a sense that we shared a bit of the pioneer spirit of those characters and authors we printed," Wolfe says.

It was a peek into the industry. "One of the best parts for an aspiring writer was access to the literary world I admired. I came to know publisher Malcolm Margolin, had drinks with author James D. Houston, and met critic Dana Gioia. I felt privileged to make a small contribution to a program helping to preserve and popularize the rich literary history of the state," he says.

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