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Roxanne Vane '78

At a glance:

Roxanne Vane '78 is committed to maintaining the business side of the HOPE organization to achieve the goal of helping those in need.

Since 1990, Roxanne Vane '78 has served on both the board of directors of HOPE Services and the Foundation for HOPE.

Based in the Santa Clara Valley, HOPE serves members of the community with developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders and Down's syndrome. The goal of HOPE is to enable these people to live and work successfully in their community.

Vane and the other board of directors have helped achieve this goal by taking care of the business side of the organization with committees including executive, finance, human resources and investment committees. Vane also participates in many community events and ongoing projects such as the Special Olympics and Rebuilding Together.

"Commitment to this organization is my passion," states Vane. "To meet a client of HOPE (a person with a developmental disability) and see the pride and passion they possess with their job and their ability to live independently and be a contributing member of our society is the reason I have been involved with this organization for over twenty years."

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