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Valdez '78 photo

Sal Valdez '78

At a glance:

Sal helps improve the academic development of students in elementary schools.

Three years ago, Sal Valdez '78 suffered a stroke that left him permanently confined to a wheelchair. Despite this disability, Sal began volunteering at Park Ave. Elementary School in Cudahy, CA. 

"Cudahy is a city of a primarily immigrant transient population," says Valdez. "Students who find themselves with poor English skills often have a hard time keeping on track in school." Recognizing this problem, Valdez has become a vital volunteer and aid in the academic development of students throughout Park Ave. Elementary for the last two years.

Valdez stresses that a disability like his own, should not deter people from helping others. He is as an example of how everyone can greatly influence the lives of others despite their own challenges and limitations.

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