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Megan Thompson '07

Psychology major
At a glance:

SCU's hands-on learning prepares alumna for the brain scans and neuropsychological experiments she does today.

Megan Thompson's work as an undergraduate in Santa Clara's sleep lab led her directly to a job as a neuropsychology research analyst.

A psychology major, Thompson today examines the effects of HIV, alcoholism, and aging on the brain at SRI International, based in Menlo Park, California. She interviews participants, administers MRI brain scans, and conducts neuropsychological tests.

"I definitely use many of the skills I gained at SCU," Thompson says.

At Santa Clara, she worked with Associate Professor Tracey Kahan in the sleep lab to learn how to administer EKGs and EEGs, and how to write research protocols. "Dr. Kahan is a wonderful mentor, full of psychology guidance and wisdom—and the sleep lab is a place where hardworking undergraduates can develop their research skills and fulfill their passion for various avenues related to psychology," she says.

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