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Sullivan photo

Thomas Sullivan '10

English major
At a glance:

English major appreciates the education, as well as all of the activities, the Mission campus has to offer.

English major Thomas Sullivan says he never lacks for things to do on the weekends. A native of New Hampshire, he was excited to attend college in California. And when he arrived, he says activities on and off campus at Santa Clara exceeded his expectations.

"There so much stuff to do here," he says. "Santa Cruz is so close, it's nice to go to the beach. I like to snowboard, so Tahoe is a great trip. And San Francisco is always fun."

One of his favorites is very close to campus: the Shark Tank, where the San Jose Sharks professional hockey team play.

A club team hockey player for Santa Clara, Sullivan says it's great to watch the games at the Tank.

"All the fans get really into it, the atmosphere is great," he says. "And games sell out. Plus it only takes two seconds to get there from campus."

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