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Student Stories in the College of Arts and Sciences

Boniface photo

Brooke Boniface '11

Political Science major

Political Science senior is thankful for the role SCU has played in shaping her future.

Brown photo

Kazimir Brown '11

Sociology Major

Sociology major receives funding from generous alumni and realizes the importance of commitment to community.

Czapla photo

Liz Czapla '09

Math major

Math major, and huge hockey fan, easily catches games because of SCU's proximity to San Jose Sharks' hockey rink.

Dadiomov photo

Liza Dadiomov '10

Environmental Studies major, Psychology major

These alumnae, all part of a sustainable living program, studied students' behavior in making sustainable choices.

Dunne photo

Allie Dunne '09

Individual Studies major

Individual studies major walks off the beaten path and designs a curriculum combining economics with health issues.

Flint  photo

Kellie Flint '08

Philosophy major, Studio Art major

Philosophy and studio art major journeys to Costa Rica to study primates and praises her range of experiences at SCU.

Freeburg photo

Chris Freeburg '11

Biology major, International Development major

Can Chris Freeburg eliminate plastic water bottles on campus?

Girlich photo

Katie Girlich '15

English major

Current Freshman student and English major Katie Girlich has already written and published her first book.

Hayes photo

Michael Hayes '10

Biochemistry major

Biochemistry major identifies diseases in his undergraduate research.

Johnson photo

Dale Johnson '08

History major, Economics major

History and economics double major finds ways to make connections across disciplines.