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Flint  photo

Kellie Flint '08

Philosophy major, Studio Art major

Philosophy and studio art major journeys to Costa Rica to study primates and praises her range of experiences at SCU.

Fonts photo

Agustin Fonts '08

Electrical Engineering major

Hands-on experience laying solar panels cements alumnus' career in renewable energy technology.

Freeburg photo

Chris Freeburg '11

Biology major, International Development major

Can Chris Freeburg eliminate plastic water bottles on campus?

Girlich photo

Katie Girlich '15

English major

Current Freshman student and English major Katie Girlich has already written and published her first book.

Granieri photo

Alex Granieri '10

Mechanical Engineering major

Mechanical engineering majors give an ordinary motorcycle major updates and piques BMW's interest.

Harris photo

Layna Harris

M.A., Counseling Psychology

Layna Harris set out to find a program that would allow her to help people and be proud of her work, which she found in counseling psychology at SCU.

Hayes photo

Michael Hayes '10

Biochemistry major

Biochemistry major identifies diseases in his undergraduate research.

Johnson photo

Dale Johnson '08

History major, Economics major

History and economics double major finds ways to make connections across disciplines.

Judnich photo

John Judnich '13

Computer Engineering major

A computer science and engineering major changes the landscape of 3D graphics.

Kapoor photo

Shweta Kapoor '09

Marketing major

Marketing major places faces to the statistics through her El Salvador immersion trip.