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Seago photo

Jeffrey Seago '09

Mechanical Engineering major
At a glance:

Mechanical engineering major took part every step of the way creating a new, bouncy material--metallic glass.

Jeffrey Seago has gained practical experience in developing new materials.

In fact, he's gotten his hands on a material that's pretty new to the planet: specially designed metallic glass, sometimes called amorphous metal, manufactured in the lab to be strong as well as springy. Drop a metal ball onto a sheet of this metal alloy and the material won't crack—but the ball will bounce back up to your hand as if it's made of rubber.

Working with mechanical engineering professor Wendy Wright, Seago helped put together all the steps necessary to manufacture metallic glass at Santa Clara. He called vendors and assembled the furnace to melt the glass.

"I learned a lot about new materials. Getting to see this new material, metallic glass, and hold it—something that few people have done—was very exciting," Seago says.

Seago says he is considering a career in the biomedical industry. "Having experience in materials science and new materials is helpful, because the industry is constantly looking to build new products with cutting-edge technology," he says. "In surgery, of course, material properties and precision are tremendously important."

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