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Megan Scovil '10

Dance major, general business minor
At a glance:

Dance major and director helps talented individuals combine art and spirituality to produce a great show.

The journey to self-discovery is not an easy one, and as director of "Charisma," Megan Scovil '10 understands the challenges involved. "It's always difficult to discover oneself but going on the journey can be fulfilling and can help us understand others as well," says Scovil.

"Charisma," brings "a diverse group of artists together to discuss how art and spirituality coincide within each person," explains Scovil.

This 50-minute program showcases the collaborative artistic talents of individuals in areas such as music, dance, and spoken word. As director, Scovil's job is to select a cast, work with them during a retreat in the fall, and find ways "to pick up on the underlying theme" of the production. 

Carolyn Silberman, an artist-in-residence in the theater and dance department and mentor for the students involved in "Charisma" says, "The way Megan approached the process [of producing the show] was immediate engagement in the art form."

Scovil sought Silberman's help in fine-tuning the vision for the show, performed to a full house in early January.

Scovil, who has been dancing since she was three-years-old, says being chosen as "Charisma's" director was perfect for her. "I truly enjoyed helping my cast relate to each other on a spiritual level through artistic expressionism," she says.  

In doing so, Scovil also embarked on a journey of self-discovery. "I'm a person who desires knowledge, needs to express myself artistically, and likes to help others through difficult parts on their journey," says Scovil.

The dance major notes that her unique experience is strongly supported by SCU's ideology.  

"Charisma reflects the environment that our Jesuit community supports," she says. "The ability to share different experiences about spirituality allows for a more trusting and understanding community where true self-discovery is possible."

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