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Yasna Martinez

M.A., Counseling Psychology. MFT and LPCC, Latino Counseling Emphasis
At a glance:

Yasna Martinez hopes to affect a positive change in her community, breaking down barriers to Latina/o people seeking counseling.

Born in Chile, Yasna Martinez moved to the US at the age of 9. She came for an education, and majored in psychology in her undergraduate studies.

She chose SCU to continue her education in particular because of its Latino Counseling emphasis. Her ultimate goal is to work within the Latino community, and break down the cultural barriers that she sees as preventing Latino males and families from seeking counseling.

Why the focus on this particular demographic? “It’s needed. Yet, it’s hard for Latinos to admit they need counseling. In particular males are very machismo. It was hard to grow up with as a girl and as a child. The hurdle will be getting over machismo with the families.” She is ready for the challenge.