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Maximilian Kubota

M.A., Counseling Psychology, emphases in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) and Correctional Psychology
At a glance:

Maximilian Kubota has learned about himself and others at SCU's School of Education and Counseling Psychology.

Maximilian Kubota put a great deal of consideration into his choice of schools. As one of the only graduate programs in the country that offers real-world experience with and training in working with at-risk and correctional populations, “the corrections emphasis put SCU at the top of my list.” he said. He has also been delighted by his experiences interacting with his peers and the faculty. “I can say with great confidence that I have created life-long friendships here at Santa Clara and I am sure I will be keeping in touch with many of them well after I graduate.

"All of the assignments have allowed me to explore my own past and allowed me to discover myself in a way I never knew was possible. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge that the program has allowed me to unlock.”

Kubota learned a tremendous amount academically, and his courses have provided him with a great deal of insight into himself and his personal relationships, including "my understanding of my marriage, I think it made me closer with my wife.”