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Rathi Venugopal '10

Engineering management major
At a glance:

The Engineering Management Program keeps grad student ahead of the technology curve.

I recently graduated from the Engineering Management Master's Degree program at Santa Clara University. I wanted to take up a program that would help me stay current with technology trends and at the same time grow in my career. I am happy to have chosen Engineering Management at SCU as it provides the right blend of technical and management courses. I thoroughly enjoyed taking courses such as Wireless and Mobile Multimedia Networks, Network/Information Security, Network Management, Technical Product Management and Marketing, Next Level Leadership, Relationship Management, Advanced Project Management, etc.

As a Project Manager at eBay, Inc., I was looking for a class that delves into the Internet technology trend, and I am really fortunate to have found the course offered by Dr. Keyvan Moataghed on Wireless and Mobile Multimedia Networks (COEN 322). Working on a Web 2.0 course project and researching white papers, I was so immersed in the topic because it all related to "mobile commerce," which is exactly where eCommerce companies are headed. By sharing white paper references, video tech talk links, and gadget usage demo videos in class, Prof. Moataghed made the course interactive, informative and interesting. Being in the industry, it is important to me to stay on top of what is happening in today's technical world and this course provided an excellent opportunity to do so. I am excited to add value to my company from my learnings in this class.

To me, the success of any course not only depends on the students, but also on the teacher's ability to motivate and provide proper direction. Taking numerous courses and working on different class projects, I had the opportunity to interact with many industry leaders and great thinkers. When I think of the words "hard work" and "commitment," a number of my teachers immediately come to mind; particularly, Prof. Moataghed, Prof. Steve Bhargava, Prof. Alex Clemm, Prof. Ray Kehoe, Prof. Nirdosh Bhatnagar, and Prof. Radhika Grover. I think SCU is heading in the right direction providing professors of this caliber and bringing emerging topics to the graduate program.

I appreciate the leadership of the School of Engineering, and the support and encouragement I received at SCU. Having the opportunity to keep up with cutting-edge engineering keeps students and industry professionals ahead of the curve as they face the latest trends and the next generation of technology.

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