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Brian Moon '07, '11

business major; M.S. in Information Systems
At a glance:

Business major transfer finds SCU offers valuable one-on-one learning and hands-on experience.

A business major, Brian Moon says it is his love of teaching that propelled him through the challenging Operations and Management Information Systems program at Santa Clara. Twice.

"I got really good hands-on experience teaching at Santa Clara," he says. "I love that moment when it finally makes sense. During a review session when I can see that 'Ah-ha!' moment in their faces...that is one of the most satisfying things I can imagine."

Moon transferred to Santa Clara from University of Texas at Austin attracted by the small classes. "At Austin, I had classes with hundreds of students, and little to no interaction with professors," he recalls. "I'd sit in a lecture hall and just be lost in the sea of faces."

But at Santa Clara, people recognized him. "When I was interacting with my professor, it gave me a lot more motivation to do well," he says.

While researching computer modeling programs with OMIS Professor Manoochehr Ghiassi as an undergraduate, Moon said he had an epiphany. "I surprised myself when I realized: Oh, I can do this! I like this."

Spurred by his professors' support and a new-found confidence, Moon decided to get a master's degree at Santa Clara as well."In the undergrad the focus was more on how things work and how to tie systems together. In the grad program the focus is much more on management of an organization and what technology can do as opposed to how it does it," he observes.

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