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Mohammed Razeem '08

Mechanical Engineering major
At a glance:

A recent graduate finds his master's education is paying off in unexpected ways.

Mohammed Razeem, originally from Oman, completed a master's degree in mechanical engineering in December 2008. Currently working in South Carolina as a project engineer for Octal, a petrochemical company, he returned to SCU in June to celebrate graduation with his classmates. During his visit back to campus, Razeem said:

"I chose to do my graduate study at Santa Clara University because of the small class size and the personal attention from faculty?the professors knew each student by name. It was also important to me that many of the graduate level professors came from the work world, so the courses were very practical. In fact, I took three classes in plastics taught by a part-time prof that are helping me a great deal at work with our final product, amorphous polyethylene terepthlate (APET). When I got back to South Carolina after graduation, everyone at work was eager to see pictures from the ceremony and someone commented, 'Wow, you guys have a wide spectrum of the human population at Santa Clara!' Having colleagues from so many different cultures has been a big asset in learning to collaborate with others on projects at work.

"I never realized until I started working how much graduate school changed my approach to tasks in the work world. I find I can handle the challenges of coordinating numerous engineering and business details while I am also learning a new field on the job?chemical engineering (my background is in material science). I give a lot of the credit for this to my thesis advisor, Prof. Wendelin Wright. She pushed me to take on a very advanced topic and her support and encouragement while I was learning this new technology gave me confidence in my abilities; I call it the Wendy effect!

"I am deeply indebted to Dr. Wright who guided me in the course of two years at SCU, and it was wonderful to be back on campus sharing the excitement of graduation with her and my friends."

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