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Cuadra photo

Adrián Cuadra '04, '06

Electrical Engineering major, M.S. in EMGT
At a glance:

Alumni merges leadership and technical skills with an engineering and business background.

"With a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from SCU, I was able to get my dream job working in the local aerospace industry. And because industry must balance the needs from both the technical and business worlds, I went back for a degree that marries the two," said Adrián Cuadra, BSEE '04, MS Engineering Management '06." "The SCU engineering management program is unmatched! The courses and professors are great and the flexibility of class schedules allowed me to complete my master's degree while working full time.

"The courses are tailored to develop leadership skills that may take a lifetime to master and that you have to practice to make effective. The tools and techniques I learned in class have been essential throughout my career, from day-to-day conversations with peers to high-level presentations to our customers. When you receive your engineering management degree, you'll truly have the tools that, if used properly, will make you stand out above the rest."

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