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Jeff Mo

Computer Engineering major, graduate student
At a glance:

Computer engineering graduate develops proficiency in an advanced operating system in just two months.

Jeff Mo shares his experience:

"Last summer, I took COEN 284, Operating Systems Case Study, with Prof. Dorr Clark. This was definitely two months well spent! Prof. Clark is a really good teacher and he did a great job delivering a lot of important information about FreeBSD, an advanced operating system that is compatible with a number of UNIX architectures.

"Before this class, I did not even know what FreeBSD was. Prof. Clark not only gave good lectures, but he also motivated me to learn more about the system independently. When questions arose during or after class, he always responded with plenty of patience to everyone's email so we could all learn.

"Early on, Prof. Clark said to me, 'This class will be a big challenge for you, but you will learn a lot from it,' and he was right. My previous experience was in Java programming based on a Windows platform. Working on a Unix or Linux platform was very frustrating at first, but with Prof. Clark's encouragement, I kept at it?referencing several books, asking other people, and spending lots of time on it.

"Now, I am becoming proficient, and I am really starting to enjoy it. This class went so fast, and I cannot believe it is over since I would like to learn more. But I am not worried about it since Prof. Clark opened the door for me to learn by myself in the future."

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