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Dowling photo

Kevin Dowling '84

Political Science major
At a glance:

Political science graduate, and current vice-major of Hayward, praises SCU's faculty and thrilling basketball games.

Kevin Dowling attended basketball games at Santa Clara long before he enrolled as a student here. His father, Art Dowling, was a big fan, attending games for 35 years. He passed down his enthusiasm to his son—so much so that the younger Dowling enrolled at SCU, graduating as a political science major in 1984. 

Today Dowling applies his education as vice-mayor of the city of Hayward, on the east side of the San Francisco Bay Area. He also works as the director of development for the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club.  

Dowling says he found faculty and staff very flexible when he was an undergraduate. "I was interested in doing a minor in economics. But at the time, minors weren't offered. Father Locatelli said, 'If you can prove to me that people will want it, we'll do it.'" So Dowling did a survey of the class—and the option to minor in a subject was given to all students. 

And he still enjoys coming back to campus for basketball games. "The new library is gorgeous, and the Malley Center. I'm really proud of Santa Clara," he says. 

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