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Poulter photo

Stuart Poulter '08

History major
At a glance:

History major connects to campus by cheering alongside fellow Ruff Riders.

When you arrive on campus, you'll see students all over Santa Clara's campus wearing shirts that say "Ruff Riders"—they're the official student fan club for all Bronco sports. Ruff Rider Stuart Poulter '08 says joining the group is a good way to start your college career.

Being a sports fan in college is something everyone can share, Poulter says. "The Ruff Riders get people going to games, making sure you know when big games are coming up and when teams are doing well. We get people going to away games locally, like at St. Mary's, USF, or Stanford. Once when I was visiting people at Cal Poly, I went to a women's soccer game and saw Ruff Riders there, too." 

Soccer is our football: "Santa Clara is well known for sports, especially soccer. You never know if you're going to see the next big star, if you'll be able to say 'I went to school with him or with her'—and that always gets people interested in the game," says Poulter.

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