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Michelle Pesce '09

Biology major
At a glance:

Studying in the heart of the Silicon Valley opens up opportunities in the life sciences for biology major.

Initially, Santa Clara University appealed to Michelle Pesce because of its beautiful campus and near-perfect California weather. And as she pursues her degree in biology, minoring in biotechnology as well as chemistry, Santa Clara's location continues to influence her.

Specifically, studying in the middle of Silicon Valley has broadened her knowledge of opportunities in the life sciences. "Recently, the biotechnology industry and the intersection of science and business has caught my attention," she says. "Santa Clara has been a great place for me to study because I am able to have lab experience."

As a lab assistant, Pesce conducts research for Biology Professor Ángel Islas on how cells repair DNA damage.

"Not only do I have to understand the science behind the procedures, but learning the techniques and paying attention to detail requires time and patience. I enjoy having a long-term project to work on, and it gives me a better understanding of principles I learn in the classroom and in my textbooks," Pesce says.

Watch a video about research in SCU's biology labs below.

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