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Pelfrey photo

Eric Pelfrey '09

Mechanical Engineering major
At a glance:

SCU's Career Center's many internships opens doors for mechanical engineering major.

Eric Pelfrey, like a lot of other mechanical engineering students, was looking for an internship at the Career Fair at the end of his sophomore year. He works as a student assistant in SCU's Career Center, so he knew how many great opportunities were out there.

Northrop Grumman Marine Systems in Sunnyvale offered him an 11-week summer internship in their Advanced Systems Engineering department on a contract for the Missile Defense Agency.

"One of the biggest advantages of my internship was the networking opportunities that came along with it. I was able to work alongside the smartest people I have ever met," he says. Even better, he adds, "I was invited to come back to work with them again." The second time around, he worked in a department that designs turbines for nuclear submarines.

Pelfrey is in no hurry to plan his future exactly. "It is so hard to say what my career goals are. Santa Clara has opened up so many opportunities that I am overwhelmed with different ideas of where my future could go."

He may take advantage of Santa Clara's five-year bachelor's/master's program in engineering, or work for a few years and go back to school for an MBA, or even start his own company, something he's always dreamed of doing.


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