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O'Connor '01, MS '06 photo

Matthew O'Connor '01, MS '06

At a glance:

Matthew O'Connor '01, MS '06 educates students about the role of an engineer in today's society.

During National Engineer's Week in February, Matthew O'Connor '01, MS '06, set out with nine other employees of AREVA to teach elementary school children about the role of an engineer in today's society.

AREVA is a nuclear power company that strives to produce safe electricity. To engage the near 450 students of the San Jose Unified School district, O'Connor and his peers outlined the process of moving a large piece of equipment across the country to another location. The presentations opened the world of engineering and inspired students. The time O'Connor and his coworkers spent is a successful example of how even a few hours a year help educate and improve the lives of others in the local community.

Reflecting on his time spent with the third, fourth and fifth graders, O'Connor said it was a "very energizing experience."

"The kids ask some really profound questions and some even asked for our autographs at the end of the presentation," says O'Connor. "It was a great opportunity to speak about what engineers do during National Engineer's Week."

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