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Laster-Jones  photo

Marcale Laster-Jones '09

Marketing major, Finance emphasis
At a glance:

Marketing alumnus commends SCU's marketing program for preparing him to market for professional sports franchises.

As an undergraduate at SCU, Marcale Laster-Jones has had internships with two professional sports franchises: the NBA's Golden State Warriors and the National Lacrosse League's San Jose Stealth.

He says work he'd done as an undergraduate marketing major in Santa Clara's business school really helped him at his internships, because the school's many group projects gave him techniques for working with different personalities.

Jones is learning about marketing for sports events: For one San Jose Stealth promotion, he had to bring in event sponsors and promoters with a limited budget. For the Golden State Warriors, Jones helps out with game-day advertising events. 

And Jones is happy about the pay-off: He gets to watch the games for free.


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