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Korbel '63, '76 M.A. photo

Dan Korbel '63, '76 M.A.

At a glance:

One of the Mission campus' many goals is to give everyone the opportunity for a college education.

Last September, Dan Korbel '63, '76 M.A. returned to James High School where he taught for 40 years. As a part of Companions in Ignatian Service and Spirituality, Korbel set out to introduce prospective students from JLHS to Santa Clara University.

He met with all the interested students individually explaining the mission statement of the university and all that a Jesuit education has to offer. Following the meetings, Korbel brought the students to see the campus for themselves. After touring the campus, eating lunch in Benson, and listening to a presentation from the admissions office, Korbel conducted yet another set of individual meetings with the students.

Since that day, Korbel has been meeting weekly with 52 students who were not born in the U.S and face additional obstacles in trying to be accepted into college. The main purpose of these meeting is to see how the students and their families are adjusting to California life and how their future goals can be achieved.

"Many of the potential SCU students were not sure where the University was and very few had visited," Korbel notes. "I was pleased with their impressions of Santa Clara and also with the increased number of applications. It was very rewarding and delightful to meet with students new to our country and to provide some help to them and their families in adjusting to life here in the United States."

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