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Demetra Kalogrides '03

Sociology major
At a glance:

Conducting sociological research as an undergraduate prepares this sociology major for graduate school.

Demetra Kalogrides wasn't sure exactly what academic field she wanted to pursue when she arrived at Santa Clara as a freshman. But she discovered a real interest in data analysis after conducting research in her preliminary sociology classes.

"The sociology program at SCU is pretty unique because there is a real focus on exposing students to the process of conducting sociological research. We were required to take several research methods courses where we applied the skills we learned to real research projects," she says.

Kalogrides completed her Ph.D. in sociology at UC Davis in 2008, with a focus on community colleges in her dissertation. "I primarily tried to understand the predictors of transfer to four-year schools and the outcomes of transfer students both in California and nationally," she says.

What helped her flourish in graduate school? She attributes it to the solid preparation she had as an undergraduate.

"Compared to my fellow graduate students, I think I was provided with more opportunities to conduct research while I was an undergraduate," she says. "When I began graduate school I already had a good idea of what I was getting myself into."

Currently, Kalogrides is conducting research in principal and teacher labor markets and racial inequality in achievement at Stanford University's School of Education.

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