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Hightower-Reeves '86 photo

Hedy Hightower-Reeves '86

At a glance:

Hedy Hightower-Reeves '86 has helped youth through economic, academic, and mental health support to earn college degrees.

Hedy Hightower-Reeves '86 has been volunteering for the Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA) since 1999. A very active member of the organization, Hightower-Reeves is a board member, youth mentor, and annual scholarship fundraising campaign manager. With the help of Hightower-Reeves' support, many under represented youth are able to persevere and obtain a college degree.

"For many vulnerable children and youth in Alameda County,BYA is their home," says Hightower-Reeves. "BYA is a safe place for them after school and during the summer where they can receive the academic, economic, and mental health support to reach their potential."

BYA, one of the largest community-based non-profit organizations, has served children, youth, young adults and their families who are economically disadvantaged in Berkeley, California for over 40 years. Situated in an under-resourced area in Berkeley, which is populated predominately by African-American and Latino families, BYA is a community haven that has served over 1,200 participants annually.

"I have been honored to be a part of this wonderful organization for the past 10 years," says Hightower-Reeves. "It is the least that I can do to give back to my community and reach out to those who need the support. The feeling that I get back from volunteering and from the children themselves is indescribable."

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