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Jeremy Herb '08

English major
At a glance:

Working on SCU's weekly student paper prepares journalism major for political reporting.


Jeremy Herb wasn't sure what field he wanted to pursue when he started as a freshman at Santa Clara. But working for the weekly student paper gave him his focus.
"I always liked writing; I had an interest in journalism. But it was only when I joined The Santa Clara that I knew, that's what I want to do," he says.
As a sophomore, Jeremy experienced first-hand the impact of news reporting. He and several other student reporters were sent to cover the story of a Santa Clara student who collapsed and died suddenly (apparently of heart failure) after playing recreational soccer.
The campus community was shocked and grieved; the newspaper's weekly deadline was in a few hours.
"It was immensely sad, and really intense. We were rushing to get the story. It showed me how important it was, to tell the story for the people who were the student's friends, and to people who didn't know him,” he recalls. “That hooked me on journalism."
After graduating in 2008 as a communication major, Jeremy interned for the summer on the metro desk at the daily paper the Indianapolis Star. After that, he received his master’s in journalism at Columbia University. Currently, Herb works for the Minneapolis Star Tribune as a Washington correspondent.
“The work I did as editor of The Santa Clara and through the university’s journalism courses definitely prepared me for the real world of journalism,” Herb notes.

A world that is not all rainbows and candies. “The stories I wrote that tackled difficult issues and the decisions I had to make at the college paper, which sometimes portrayed the university in a negative light, prepared me to do the same thing at a professional level,” he says. “Except now, instead of taking on Fr. Locatelli, my job requires me to confront congressmen and senators in Washington.”


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