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Rebecca Glover '08

Math major
At a glance:

Santa Clara's attention to detail for its students gives math major confidence to pursue graduate school.

Rebecca Glover's parents attended Santa Clara University and loved it. That fact, and the beautiful campus, were the initial reasons she wanted to come to SCU for her undergraduate studies.

Once she was enrolled on campus, she began to appreciate all kinds of other details: the small classes, the down-to-earth and friendly students, the research opportunities, and enthusiastic professors.

Glover worked as an assistant for associate math professor Rick Scott, studying a field of geometry called Coxeter Groups. Based on this work, Scott and Glover published a paper, which Glover presented at the Mathematical Association of America's Northern California annual meeting. It also got published in a mathematics magazine called Involve.

This experience gave her the confidence to pursue graduate work in the field. She is currently finishing her second year in a Ph.D. program at UNC Chapel Hill.

"My work with Professor Scott definitely influenced my direction. Working with him, I realized how much I enjoyed mathematics research," Glover says. "Before, I was hesitant about going into math academia, unsure of whether or not I could succeed. I am much more confident now that this is what I want to do."

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