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Genochio '06 photo

Christie Genochio '06

Teach for America high school instructor; graduate student at Johns Hopkins University
At a glance:

Christie Genochio developed valuable skills working on the California Legacy Project.

Christie Genochio grew up in San Jose and visited Santa Clara University many times before she enrolled as a student here. She knew early on that it was the right place for her.

"I knew I wanted a small college, somewhere that would let me really know and relate to my professors," says Genochio.

During her senior year, Genochio worked with English Professor Terry Beers on the California Legacy Project. The experience stretched her abilities.

"The work required me to develop new skills, like condensing a book into a 90-second radio script," she says.

"My biggest project was on Califauna, an anthology. I created an elaborate timeline of California animal history, and I camped out in a library or two searching for illustrations. My ideas were always respected and sometimes even implemented. I learned a great deal in just a few months."

Now part of Teach for America, Genochio teaches freshman and sophomore English in Baltimore. She is also earning a master's degree at Johns Hopkins University, and plans to pursue a doctorate and possibly become a professor herself someday—because SCU professors had such an influence on her.

"Everything I did as an undergraduate has opened doors for me," she says. "But it's teachers like Professor Beers who set Santa Clara apart from other schools. At Santa Clara, the professors are accessible, affable, and they are real teachers."


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